2/15 Android アプリセール情報ひとまとめ 20アプリが無料化!

Civilization Revolution 22K, Inc.¥1,140 →¥650
NBA 2K182K, Inc.¥900 →¥540
アシドラーティアーズ、ログライクのダンジョンRPG 無制限版ACIDRAINCITY¥180 →¥100
「スチーム:富へのレール」公式版Acram Digital¥520 →¥310
八分帝国Acram Digital¥520 →¥310
ルーシィ ~彼女が望んでいたもの~Active Gaming Media Inc.¥480 →¥240
Reporter 2AGaming+¥180 →¥100
Survive: The Lost LandsAGaming+¥190 →¥100
Codex of VictoryAKPublish pty ltd¥500 →¥300
Dark Strokes 2.Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure GameAlawar Entertainment, Inc.¥320 →¥110
Paranormal PursuitAlawar Entertainment, Inc.¥320 →¥110
The Lake House. Hidden Object GameAlawar Entertainment, Inc.¥320 →¥110
World Keepers: Last ResortAlawar Entertainment, Inc.¥320 →¥110
AR Kitten for Merge CubeApp Jar LLC¥560 →¥220
Monkejs: Ice QuestARTISTS MOBILE¥180 →無料
Abalone - The Official Board Game Asmodee Digital¥340 →¥160
Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea RobbersAsmodee Digital¥220 →¥110
Colt ExpressAsmodee Digital¥550 →¥220
Harald: A Game of InfluenceAsmodee Digital¥340 →¥160
Mysterium: A Psychic Clue GameAsmodee Digital¥550 →¥220
TalismanAsmodee Digital¥500 →¥240
Twilight StruggleAsmodee Digital¥1,140 →¥660
Back to BedBedtime Digital Games¥320 →¥110
Can You Escape - Rescue Lucy from Prison PROBest Escape games¥100 →無料
Berry Sweet Boom - Match 3Best Match-3 Games¥100 →無料
Sounds of NightmareBig Dogs Games¥330 →¥110
Fiz : Brewery Management GameBit By Bit Studios¥340 →¥110
Oil Paint IconBoostermbkking¥200 →¥100
NesBoy! Pro (Emulator for NES)Can Tho Emulator¥210 →¥100
双子の魔王: VIPCANDY SOFT, INC¥110 →無料
TallowmereChris McFarland¥220 →¥110
Puffin Browser ProCloudMosa, Inc.¥440 →¥110
Uri:蓮小川の苗CMGE Group Limited¥240 →¥110
Marble Maze Wallpaper Game XLCodeKonditor¥260 →¥110
F1 2016Codemasters Software Company Ltd¥300 →¥120
ガイド計算(製品版) グリッド形式の罫線、ガイドラインを計算coools.life¥500 →¥300
Heroes of Steel RPG EliteCory Trese¥440 →¥110
Templar Battleforce RPGCory Trese¥1,120 →¥540
ReignsDevolverDigital¥330 →¥160
Reigns: Her MajestyDevolverDigital¥330 →¥160
Expanse RTS PremiumDigital Garbage¥160 →¥100
Dr. PandaバスタイムDr. Panda¥360 →¥150
Dr. Panda幼稚園Dr. Panda¥360 →¥150
Dr. Panda病院Dr. Panda¥360 →¥150
Tactical MindDrageus Games S.A.¥340 →¥110
時空の旅 (Dreamsky)DreamSky¥100 →無料
The HouseEGProject¥100 →無料
Ekstar 2048Ekstar Company¥170 →無料
ドラゴン勇士 - i.o RpgENTROPY¥290 →無料
Pocket Rogues: UltimateEtherGaming¥290 →¥160
Classic Block Master(No ads)EWES ACADEMY¥170 →無料
Sudoku Master PRO (No Ads)EWES ACADEMY¥170 →無料
New York Mysteries (Full)FIVE-BN GAMES¥760 →¥210
ダークネス・アンド・フレイムFIVE-BN GAMES¥760 →¥380
レガシー (Full)FIVE-BN GAMES¥760 →¥430
ロスト・ランド 2 (Full)FIVE-BN GAMES¥760 →¥320
Dungeon MemoriesFiveFinger¥550 →¥110
IesabelForever Entertainment¥680 →¥100
Merchants of KaidanForever Entertainment¥680 →¥100
Teddy Floppy Ear: Mt AdventureForever Entertainment¥290 →¥100
Teddy Floppy Ear: The RaceForever Entertainment¥290 →¥100
Wizrogue - Labyrinth of WizardryForever Entertainment¥680 →¥100
Centiplode (Classic Shooter)Gazzapper Games¥180 →¥100
Learn Japanese with Tako - Hiragana Katakana KanjiGrogshot Games, S.L.¥500 →¥110
The Light Within YouH Game Studio¥150 →無料
Bottom of the 9thHandelabra Games¥680 →¥390
Sentinels of the MultiverseHandelabra Games¥940 →¥130
HD Camera Pro - 無音シャッターHDM Dev Team¥250 →¥100
クリップボードPro (ライセンス) 【オーバーレイ表示の最新クリップボードアプリ】HDM Dev Team¥300 →¥100
スマホ最適化PlusHDM Dev Team¥300 →¥100
ブルーライトフィルターPro 【ブルーライトを軽減して目の健康を守る】HDM Dev Team¥300 →¥100
ボイスレコーダーProHDM Dev Team¥300 →¥100
高速アプリロックPRO - デバイスのセキュリティを強化HDM Dev Team¥300 →¥100
Retro Winter Sports 1986Headup Games¥200 →¥110
Doom & Destiny AdvancedHeartbit Interactive Srl¥350 →¥130
アニメーション写真ウィジェット +Hikaru Inc.¥190 →¥110
Math Addition SubtractionIncredible Forest¥260 →¥130
Pegs - Solitaire Halma - ♡ Valentines Day Event ♡IZUware \ò/¥200 →¥100
FrostJeromeBodin¥490 →¥280
SIMULACRA - Found phone horror mysteryKaigan Games OÜ¥540 →¥330
アプリロック (AppLock)KewlApps¥340 →¥110
コロカメ Roll Turtlekirafu¥330 →¥110
アーチェリースキル熟練KM Technology¥230 →無料
Wild Tank | Pro EditionKomiker Media¥230 →¥100
Photo Studio PROKVADGroup¥680 →¥110
Shadespire Assistant PlusLOZaUK¥190 →¥120
Tortuga Racing - Educational Math Racing GameLuminosity Mobile¥340 →¥210
山桂(Shan Gui)Magenta Factory & ZiX Solutions¥110 →無料
Earthlings Beware!Marconi Loures¥170 →¥100
Star Chindy: SciFi RoguelikeMASTGames¥400 →¥200
House Arrest detective board gameMaxim Matyushenko¥220 →¥110
Evil Inside: Jessy's DiaryModern Electronics Games¥280 →¥100
Note Fighter UnlimitedMythicOwl¥210 →無料
検索重複ファイル (SDF Pro)NeedJava¥360 →¥240
Space FussNerdy Yetis¥740 →¥100
Framelapse ProNeximo Labs¥330 →¥110
Fighting Fantasy LegendsNomad Games¥640 →¥310
Talisman: The Horus HeresyNomad Games¥620 →¥320
Who Am I: The Tale of DorothyOnaemo Studio¥210 →¥100
AshworldOrangePixel¥490 →¥260
GunslugsOrangePixel¥240 →¥130
Gunslugs 2OrangePixel¥300 →¥130
Heroes of LootOrangePixel¥240 →¥130
Heroes of Loot 2OrangePixel¥490 →¥260
Meganoid(2017)OrangePixel¥490 →¥260
Space GruntsOrangePixel¥490 →¥260
BELPAESE: HomecomingPaolo Fazzini¥260 →¥130
Farm and Click - Idle Farming Clicker PRORed Machine LLC.¥110 →無料
Age of RivalsRoboto Games¥400 →¥210
Second grade Math - AdditionSergey Malugin¥260 →¥100
PixelTerraSKVGames¥230 →¥150
SmartPrefSmartPref, inc¥300 →¥100
XPERIA™ Pink Hearts ThemeSony Mobile Communications¥210 →¥120
Drawtopia PremiumSuper Smith Bros LTD¥240 →¥100
Yandere SchoolTea & Cake Games¥200 →¥120
ある日、太陽が消えた。Teemo Soft¥400 →¥120
Who Are You, Mr. Cooper?The Last Fairy Tale¥150 →¥100
デッドレーン : 新しいゾンビウイルスTiny Devbox¥220 →¥110
Daregon : Isometric PuzzlesTomas Lacerra¥100 →無料
Simple PaintVirtual GS¥100 →無料
Star Walk 2 - スカイマップ天文学ガイド: 時計の星、惑星と星座昼と夜Vito Technology¥400 →¥110
Calls Blacklist PROVlad Lee¥220 →¥110
Planar ConquestWastelands Interactive¥480 →¥160
Learn Japanese ProWingsApp Studio¥380 →¥210
RubekXigma Games¥200 →¥100
Car Parking 2018 PROxsasoftware¥100 →無料
Notification History ProYotta Studio¥270 →¥100
Stickman Legends: Shadow WarsZitga Studios¥310 →無料
Stickman Revenge 3: League of HeroesZonmob Game Studio¥490 →無料

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